The world’s most dangerous cities for women 2017

City summary

Moscow ranked as the fourth best megacity for women. The Russian capital, with a population estimated at 12.3 million, was seen as the safest city when it came to harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutilation and forced marriages and the second safest city after Tokyo when it came to women at risk of sexual violence or harassment.

Polling results

How moscow scored from 1 (worst) to 19 (best) for each question.

  • 18

    Sexual ViolenceWomen can live in this city without facing the risk of sexual violence including rape or sexual attacks and harassment

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    Access to HealthcareWomen have good access to healthcare including control over reproductive health and maternal mortality

  • 19

    Cultural PracticesWomen are well protected from potentially harmful cultural practices including female genital mutilation, child, early or forced marriage, female infanticide

  • 15

    Economic OpportunitiesWomen have access to economic resources such as education, ownership of land or other forms of property, and financial services such as bank accounts


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